Saal Digital photo book review

Saal Digital is a German photo printing service. They offer high-quality print services for photo books, wall decors, greeting cards, calendars, booklets and fine art prints. Saal Digital have an easy payment system that includes Payal.

As a professional photographer I got opportunity to test their services with printing of photo book with my photos from the last MotoGP season and own design.


Saal offers own software for designing of your photo book, which you can download directly from their website. It’s available for Windows and also for Mac this I really appreciate.

Once you have sorted pictures and want to add them to this new photobook, you simply run the software and start designing of the whole project. This software from Saaal is really intuitive and you can design this book also without any previous graphic experience.

It offers many options, like one panoramic photo, one photo for page or also more pictures on one page, this layout you can simply setup while designing. As you’re finished with designing, you can simply finish whole project and directly from this software order printing.


Just in one week after ordering has the book arrived. The cover is exactly like that of a book that you can find in store, whole product looks really professional. I was also really surprised about paper quality of pages inside. The details are perfect, and the colors are sharp, bright and absolutely faithful.The binding is also great: Saal Digital offers layflat binding which allows for continuity between the two pages, thus having a book always flat and allowing prints on two pages impeccable.


I’ve tried more services in the past, but the services from Saal are the best. High quality print, really intuitive software and many options for designing.